DRM DRG Workflow Request Submission using Batch Client

We can automate the request submission using the Batch client, provided we have a properly formatted input file with the request items.

Please note that in this example, our DRM instance is on the D Drive.
“D:\products\DataRelationshipManagement\client\batch-client\drm-batch-client.exe” /URL=net.tcp://EPMSRV:5211/Oracle/Drm/Engine /log=D:\DRM\Data\Inbound\BatchLoad.log /u=Operations /pw=Welcome! /op=RequestSubmit /delim=tab /conn=Inbound /vabbrev=”Vision Jan 2013″ /hierarchy=”Parent Total” /conn=Inbound /filename=AcctConditional-I.txt /workflowtask=”Add Financial Account” /workflowmodel=”New Financial Account” /requesttitle=”Batch Request” /deleteonsubmitfailure=0

Submit Workflow Request:

/op = RequestSubmit

/delim=                 Printable delimiter character the request items file use
s – single character (|~`:, etc) | tab | comma | space | #nnn  (#33 – #126)
/conn=                  (optional) Name of external connection pointing to locat
ion where file specified with filename option resides
/vabbrev=               Name of version to use for created request
/hierarchy=             Name of hierarchy to use for loaded request items
/filename=              (optional) Name of request items file if using an extern
al connection.
/infile=                (optional) Path and file name for a local request items
file to use.
/workflowtask=          Name of the workflow task to use
/workflowmodel=         Name of the workflow model to use
/requesttitle=          Title of submitted request
/deleteonsubmitfailure= Delete the draft request if submit fails validation – Y:
Yes | N: No | T: True | F: False | 1 | 0
/allowblankoverrides=   (optional) If true, then blank values in the source file
are treated as blank value overrides for each item, according to
/blankvalueindicator param
/blankvalueindicator=  (optional) If specified, any column value matching the
blankvalueindicator will be interpreted as a blank value override.
If not specified, any blank column value will be
interpreted as a blank value override

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