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epm 1120
Oracle Data Integrator
Configuring Oracle Data Integrator ODI 12C (Extension of EPM 11.2.0 Setup)

This post is a quick and simple introduction to configuring Oracle Data Integrator. I am only covering the configuration part because, in this instance, I did not have to install ODI separately. If you have installed Oracle Hyperion EPM 11.2.0, ODI will be installed automatically as part of the FDMEE component. Installation of EPM 11.2.0 […]

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Nothing's listening on 19000. Grr.
epm 1120
managed server
Oracle Hyperion
Oracle Hyperion Server not listening on port 19000

A bit of internet search for similar issues sent me down the rabbit hole of httpd.conf files and mod_wl_ohs.conf files etc. They all had the right settings in them, namely “Listening 19000”, telling the EPM service to listen on that port. Unfortunately those settings didn’t help. I was frustrated. However in a flash of inspiration, […]

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